The EBMT/EHA CAR-T Cell Handbook

The EBMTEHA CAR-T Cell Handbook-1

Nicolaus Kröger • John Gribben
Christian Chabannon • Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha
Hermann Einsele


Chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy (CAR-T) is a new class of medicinal products that are genetically engineered from T cells. It is expected that other forms of Immune Effector Cells-based therapies will soon reach the market, manufactured from other subsets of immune cells, and engineered through other technologies than currently used defective retroviral or lentiviral vectors. Cell-based immunotherapies add to the broader field of immunotherapies, now populated with monoclonal antibodies including immune checkpoint inhibitors, immune-conjugates, and bi- and tri-specific antibodies.

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