Updates on Myopia

Updates on Myopia-1

Marcus Ang • Tien Y. Wong Editors 2020 A Clinical Perspective Myopia is now being recognized as a significant global public health problem that will affect billions of people in the next decades, especially in Asia. Currently, pathologic myopia is already a major cause of visual impairment in both Asian and Western populations. As the prevalence of myopia […]

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High Resolution Imaging in Microscopy and Ophthalmology

High Resolution Imaging In Microsc-1

Josef F. Bille Editor 2019 New Frontiers in Biomedical Optics To our knowledge, for the first time, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the application of the newest laser and microscope/ophthalmoscope technologies to the field of high-resolution imaging in microscopy and ophthalmology. Ophthalmologists, physicists, and engineers combine in an interdisciplinary approach to summarize the newest findings of cutting-edge technologies […]

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Basic Ophthalmology

Jogi - Basic Ophthalmology-1

Renu Jogi 2009 The need for a textbook for undergraduate medical students in ophthalmology dealing with the basic concepts and recent advances has been felt for a long-time. Keeping in mind the changed curriculum this book is intended primarily as a first step in commencing and continuing the study for the fundamentals of ophthalmology which like all other […]

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Ophthalmology Explorer


Dhaval Patel 2014 Dear Friends, if you are reading this, then either you are approaching your final ophthalmology exams or you are preparing for further study courses in ophthalmology. So first thing I want you to know is the course for this exam include all aspects of ophthalmology in different amounts and nobody knows it perfectly.  

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Editors Andreas Straube Ulrich Büttner 2007 Neuronal Control of Eye Movements Each of us performs thousands of eye movements every day without being aware of how the brain controls them. The oculomotor system is one of the best understood motor systems not only with regard to premotor centers in the central nervous system, but also with regard to […]

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Neuro-Ophthalmology: Diagnosis and Management


Grant T. Liu Nicholas J. Volpe Steven L. Galetta 2010 Our goal with this book was to update and improve upon our successful first edition of Neuro-Ophthalmology: Diagnosis and Management. Like the first book, this one is intended to be a manageable text of well-synthesized, topically organized, and clinically relevant information, with numerous illustrations and references, which can assist […]

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Harley’s Pediatric Ophthalmology

Harleys Pediatric Ophthalmology-1

Editors Leonard B. Nelson Scott E. Olitsky 2015 THE SIXTH EDITION of Harley’s Pediatric Ophthalmology brings a number of changes to the textbook which has served as a benchmark in the subject for more than three decades. Since the publication of the first edition, edited by the late Dr Robison D. Harley in 1975, the field of pediatrics ophthalmology and […]

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Comprehensive Opthalmology

Comprehensive Ophthalmology-1

A. K. Kurana 2007 Fourth edition of the book has been thoroughly revised, updated, and published in an attractive colour format. This endeavour has enhanced the lucidity of the figures and overall aesthetics of the book. The fast-developing advances in the field of medical sciences and technology has beset the presentday medical students with voluminous university curriculae.  

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Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery-1

Edited by ANDREW COOMBES DAVID GARTRY 2003 Cataract surgery is a dynamic and complex field and is, without doubt, a fundamental part of ophthalmology. This book aims to cover the subject comprehensively, particularly the technical aspects of learning, performing, and teaching phacoemulsification. The inclusion of chapters on the Third World and the future of cataract surgery provide the […]

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