Antisense RNA Design, Delivery, and Analysis

Antisense RNA Design, Delivery, and Analysis-1

Edited by Virginia Arechavala-Gomeza Alejandro Garanto 2022 The field of RNA therapeutics has rapidly changed over the last few years. Particularly, two mRNA vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 and a customized oligonucleotide for an n-of-1 trial have revolutionized the expectations in the field. Although the use of RNA-based molecules as treatments has been investigated for several decades, […]

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Nanotechnology for Biology and Medicine

Nanotechnology for Biology and Medicine-1

Gabriel A. Silva ● Vladimir Parpura Editors 2012 At the Building Block Level Only within the last few years has much of the vision of Richard Feynman’s now famous lecture on December 29th , 1959 at the American Physical Society meeting held at the California Institute of Technology, “There’s plenty of room at the bottom,” been realized. To […]

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Metals in Biology

Metals in Biology-1

Editors Graeme Hanson • Lawrence Berliner 2010 Metalloproteins comprise approximately 30% of all known proteins and are involved in a variety of  biologically important processes, including oxygen trans- port, biosynthesis, electron transfer,  biodegradation, drug metabolism, proteolysis and hydrolysis of amides and esters, environmental  sulfur and nitrogen cycles, and disease mechanisms. EPR spectroscopy has an important role […]

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The Biology of Gastric Cancers

The Biology of Gastric Cancers-1

Timothy C. Wang • James G. Fox Andrew S. Giraud Editors 2009 This book represents the very first volume devoted to the subject of the basic biology of gastric cancer. Although there were major achievements 30–40 years ago in the description of the histopathology of stomach tumors and the preneoplastic conditions that preceded these lesions, it was of […]

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Mitochondrial Medicine

Mitochondrial Medicine-1

Anna Gvozdjáková Editor 2008 Mitochondrial Metabolism, Diseases, Diagnosis and Therapy The target groups of this textbook Mitochondrial Medicine are practitioners of medicine, specialists in individual medical branches, pharmacologists, and sports doctors. The updated scientific and clinical information and knowledge provide a broad spectrum for postgradual education of physicians, pharmacologists, and specialists in other life sciences.

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