Practical Clinical Andrology

Practical Clinical Andrology-1

Carlo Bettocchi • Gian Maria Busetto Giuseppe Carrieri • Luigi Cormio Editors 2023 We are proud and honored to introduce the first edition of Practical Clinical Andrology. As you know, nowadays andrological matters represent a remarkable issue in everyday practice. The spectrum of andrological diseases is wide: erectile dysfunction, infertility and ejaculation disorders, penile curvature, oncologic […]

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Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care in Endocrinology

Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care in Endocrinology 1st Edition-1

Editors: Sarah K. Lyons, Marisa E. Hilliard 2019 The Transition Process. For health professionals caring for older adolescents and young adults with chronic endocrine conditions, providing consistent, effective, developmentally tailored care during the transition between pediatric and adult healthcare systems can be challenging. This clinical handbook provides pediatric and adult endocrinologists and multidisciplinary clinical professionals […]

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Pituitary Disorders of Childhood. Diagnosis and Clinical Management

Pituitary Disorders of Childhood Diagnosis and Clinical Management 1st Edition-1

Editor Brenda Kohn 2019 Pituitary Disorders of Childhood: Diagnosis and Clinical Management focuses on clinical disorders of the pituitary gland in children with specific emphasis on stateof-the-art diagnostic and treatment modalities for pediatric pituitary disorders, highlighting the newest scientific advances in genomics and molecular biology that clinician-scientists caring for children need to know. Recent advances […]

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70 Years of Levothyroxine

70 Years of Levothyroxine-1

George J. Kahaly Editor 2021 Levothyroxine (LT4) is celebrating its 70th birthday, since its introduction to the management of hypothyroidism or primary thyroid failure. This is a good opportunity to explore the history and the current state of the art with regard to the therapeutic use of LT4, now one of the most-prescribed treatments worldwide. […]

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Clinical Neuroendocrinology

Clinical Neuroendocrinology-1

Michael Wilkinson and S. Ali Imran 2019 The human body is primarily governed by two intricate communicating networks: the nervous system and the endocrine system. The study of the interrelationship of these two networks created the discipline of neuroendocrinology. Recent advances in this field have transformed our view of how human endocrine homeostasis is maintained.

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Endocrinologie de l’adolescent

Endocrinologie de ladolescent-1

Aude Mariani Ecochard 2013 Tome 3 Pathologies pubertaires L’adolescence est une phase clef de l’évolution, une période charnière entre l’enfance et l’âge adulte actuellement de plus en plus prise en compte et individualisée en médecine. En endocrinologie, la prise en charge d’un adolescent peut se décliner en 3 axes : – D’une part, le suivi des adolescents porteurs d’une pathologie […]

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