Sonographic Peripheral Nerve Topography

Sonographic Peripheral Nerve Topo-1

Hannes Gruber • Alexander Loizides Bernhard Moriggl Editors 2019 A Landmark-based Algorithm “For whom, and why?” Our target audience and the purpose of this book. This atlas is meant to be a useful “vade mecum” for all colleagues interested and involved in nerve sonography in order to locate nerves as quickly and easily as possible in daily […]

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Textbook of Clinical Neurology

Textbook of Clinical Neurology 1st Edition-1

Editors: J.B.M. Kuks J.W. Snoek 2018 This edition of the Textbook of Clinical Neurology is a translation of the original Dutch textbook edited back in the day by Prof. H.J.G.H. Oosterhuis. It has proved highly useful over the years and we therefore decided to produce an English-language edition. The textbook is intended for medical and paramedical students, clerks and registrars. Clinical […]

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Neurovascular Anatomy in Interventional Neuroradiology

Neurovascular Anatomy in Interventional Neuroradiology -1

Timo Krings Sasikhan Geibprasert Juan Pablo Cruz Karel G.ter Brugge 2015 The importance of neurovascular anatomy when managing patients, using endovascular techniques,was emphasized by neuroanatomists such as Pierre Lasjaunias some three decades ago. Over the years,many neurointerventional therapists have remained unaware of the pertinent details of neurovascular anatomy and its relevance for safe therapy.

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Neuromuscular Spine Deformity

Neuromuscular Spine Deformity -1

Amer F. Samdani Peter O. Newton Paul D. Sponseller Harry L. Shufflebarger Randal R. Betz 2018 Neuromuscular scoliosis is a very common condition, but it presents the pediatric spine surgeon with many treatment challenges. The patient population is diverse, and the deformities can be complex. Most surgeons have developed their surgical treatment plans and intraoperative techniques through experience.

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Andrew Tarulli 2016 A Clinician’s Approach In 2010, I began the preface of the first edition of Neurology: A Clinician’s Approach by asking whether the world needed another introductory neurology textbook. I was uncertain about the answer then, and the availability of electronic resources that can be updated instantaneously to reflect new developments in biomedical science renders the necessity […]

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Manual of Neurosonology

Manual Of Neurosonology-1

Edited by László Csiba and Claudio Baracchini 2016 Ultrasound is a reliable, safe and relatively inexpensive imaging technique which plays an indispensable and integral role in the evaluation of patients with cerebrovascular disease. It provides a unique diagnostic perspective in cerebrovascular disorders, with extremely high temporal resolution and excellent spatial display of extracranial arteries, brain structures and cerebral vessels.

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Clinical Neuroanatomy

Clinical Neuroanatomy-1

Author: Richard S. Snell 2010 This book contains the basic neuroanatomical facts necessary for the practice of medicine. It is suitable for medical students, dental students, nurses, and allied health students. Residents find this book useful during their rotations. The functional organization of the nervous system has been emphasized and indicates how injury and disease can result in […]

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Clinical Neuroendocrinology

Clinical Neuroendocrinology-1

Michael Wilkinson and S. Ali Imran 2019 The human body is primarily governed by two intricate communicating networks: the nervous system and the endocrine system. The study of the interrelationship of these two networks created the discipline of neuroendocrinology. Recent advances in this field have transformed our view of how human endocrine homeostasis is maintained.

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