Sleep Medicine book

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Sudhansu Chokroverty • Michel Billiard Editors 2015 A Comprehensive Guide to Its Development, Clinical Milestones, and Advances in Treatment Sleep medicine is now accepted as an independent medical specialty. Therefore, it is important for sleep specialists practicing sleep medicine to know its roots and historical evolution. Despite a remarkable progress and development of the field of sleep medicine […]

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A History of Radionuclide Studies in the UK

A History of Radionuclide Studies in the UK-1

Ralph McCready • Gopinath Gnanasegaran Jamshed B. Bomanji Editors 2016 50th Anniversary of the British Nuclear Medicine Society The European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) welcomed in 2015 its 40th National Society and I was very proud, as an EANM member and President, to be present at this symbolic event. The EANM is based on a broad representation from […]

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Quo Vadis Medical Healing

Quo Vadis Medical Healing-1

Susanna Elm • Stefan N. Willich Editors 2009 Past Concepts and New Approaches “Healing in Medicine” – the subject of this volume evolved in part as the continuation of an earlier gathering in 1999 in Berlin, when an interdisciplinary group of scholars came together to discuss some of the medical issues confronting us at the brink of the […]

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White Coat Tales

White Coat Tales-1

Robert B. Taylor 2008 Medicine’s Heroes, Heritage, and Misadventures I begin this book with a premise: If there is a human endeavor that is richer in tradition, culture, and idiosyncrasies than medicine, I don’t know what it is. What you are about to read presents some of these treasures-tales of the epic scientific discoveries as well as some behind-the-scenes […]

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Advice to the Healer

Advice to the Healer-1

Richard Colgan 2013 On the Art of Caring I am grateful for the success of “Advice to the Young Physician: On the Art of Medicine.” This has given me the opportunity to write a second edition. I reviewed the first edition and recognized that most of the material was applicable not just to young physicians but physicians and clinicians […]

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