Blaustein’s Pathology of the Female Genital Tract

Blaustein s Pathology of the Female 2019-1

Robert J. Kurman • Lora Hedrick Ellenson Brigitte M. Ronnett Editors 2019 In science, technological innovation leads to progress. The application of the microscope, most notably the contributions of Virchow, introduced the theory of cellular pathology which led him to propose that cancer developed from otherwise normal cells. Similarly, the application of microscopic analysis to […]

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Atlas of Sectional Anatomy. Understanding the Anatomical Aspects of the Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis

Atlas of Sectional Anatomy Understanding the Anatomical Aspects of the Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis-1

Luciano Alves Favorito • Natasha T. Logsdon Editors 2022 Sectional anatomy is the study of normal body structures in sectional planes. Sectional anatomy is the basis for the knowledge of clinical practice, surgery, and imaging exams interpretation as US, TC, and MRI. This book, Sectional Anatomy of the Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis, is an accomplishment […]

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Practical Clinical Andrology

Practical Clinical Andrology-1

Carlo Bettocchi • Gian Maria Busetto Giuseppe Carrieri • Luigi Cormio Editors 2023 We are proud and honored to introduce the first edition of Practical Clinical Andrology. As you know, nowadays andrological matters represent a remarkable issue in everyday practice. The spectrum of andrological diseases is wide: erectile dysfunction, infertility and ejaculation disorders, penile curvature, oncologic […]

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Evidence Based Global Health Manual for Preterm Birth Risk Assessment

Evidence Based Global Health Manual for Preterm Birth Risk Assessment-1

Dilly OC Anumba • Shamanthi M. Jayasooriya Editors 2022 I am delighted to commend this concise book to healthcare workers in Women’s and Children’s Health globally. The book provides evidenced practical guidance for systematic assessment of pregnancy risk for preterm birth during antenatal care, towards the provision of personalised care to prevent premature birth and […]

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Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in Children and Adolescents

Female Genital Mutilation-1

Jasmine Abdulcadir Noémie Sachs Guedj • Michal Yaron Editors 2022 Illustrated Guide to Diagnose, Assess, Inform and Report Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) remains a major public health issue ten years after the United Nation General Assembly adopted a resolution on its elimination. It also remains a neglected topic in pre- and post-grade curricula of health […]

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Practical Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Practical Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology 1st Edition-1

Taizhu Yang • Hong Luo Editors 2022 It is universally acknowledged that ultrasound examination plays a vital role in obstetrics and gynecology clinical practice. The rapid development of ultrasound technology broadens and deepens its clinical application. At the same time, the requirements for ultrasound diagnosis in obstetrics and gynecology are much higher. The diagnostic risk […]

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Айламазян, Э. К. 2019 Акушерство (от французского acoucher – рожать) – отрасль клинической медицины, задачами которой являются изучение физиологии и патологии процессов, происходящих в организме женщины в связи с зачатием, беременностью, родами и послеродовым периодом, и разработка рациональной помощи женщине и плоду в эти периоды. Состояние здоровья женщины и система охраны здоровья матери и ребенка в […]

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