Fundamentals of Clinical Trials

Fundamentals of Clinical Trials-1

Lawrence M. Friedman • Curt D. Furberg David L. DeMets • David M. Reboussin Christopher B. Granger 2015 The clinical trial is “the most definitive tool for evaluation of the applicability of clinical research.” It represents “a key research activity with the potential to improve the quality of health care and control costs through careful comparison of alternative […]

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Statistical Literacy for Clinical Practitioners

Statistical Literacy for Clinical Practitioners-1

William H. Holmes • William C. Rinaman 2014 We wrote this book for readers who wish to acquire a basic understanding of statistical analysis and the various functions that statistics perform in clinical research. Our intended audience includes practitioners of evidence-based medicine, practitioners-in-training, students working on research projects under the supervision of their faculty, and clinicians collaborating with […]

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Machine Learning in Medicine – Cookbook

Machine Learning in Medicine - Cookbook-1

Ton J. Cleophas • Aeilko H. Zwinderman 2014 The amount of data stored in the world’s databases doubles every 20 months, as estimated by Usama Fayyad, one of the founders of machine learning and coauthor of the book ‘‘Advances in knowledge discovery and data mining’’ (ed. by the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, Menlo Park, CA, USA, 1996), and […]

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Handbook of Epidemiology

Handbook of Epidemiology-1

Wolfgang Ahrens • Iris Pigeot Editors 2014 The objective of this handbook is to provide a comprehensive overview of the field of epidemiology, bridging the gap between standard textbooks of epidemiology and publications for specialists with a narrow focus on specific areas. The handbook reviews the methodological approaches, statistical concepts, and important subjectmatter topics pertinent to the field for […]

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Machine Learning in Medicine – Cookbook Two

Machine Learning in Medicine - Cookbook Two-1

Ton J. Cleophas • Aeilko H. Zwinderman 2014 The amount of data stored in the world’s medical databases doubles every 20 months, and adequate health and health care will soon be impossible without proper data supervision from modern machine learning methodologies like cluster models, neural networks, and other data mining methodologies. In the past three years we completed three […]

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