Family Medicine

Family Medicine Principles and Practice-1

Paul M. Paulman • Robert B. Taylor • Audrey A. Paulman • Laeth S. Nasir Editors 2022 Family Medicine: Principles and Practice, eighth edition, is designed to provide point of care and reference information for family physicians, mid-level providers, residents, medical and osteopathic students, and all others who provide primary care for patients. The supervising […]

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Evidence Based Global Health Manual for Preterm Birth Risk Assessment

Evidence Based Global Health Manual for Preterm Birth Risk Assessment-1

Dilly OC Anumba • Shamanthi M. Jayasooriya Editors 2022 I am delighted to commend this concise book to healthcare workers in Women’s and Children’s Health globally. The book provides evidenced practical guidance for systematic assessment of pregnancy risk for preterm birth during antenatal care, towards the provision of personalised care to prevent premature birth and […]

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Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in Children and Adolescents

Female Genital Mutilation-1

Jasmine Abdulcadir Noémie Sachs Guedj • Michal Yaron Editors 2022 Illustrated Guide to Diagnose, Assess, Inform and Report Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) remains a major public health issue ten years after the United Nation General Assembly adopted a resolution on its elimination. It also remains a neglected topic in pre- and post-grade curricula of health […]

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The Growing Spine

The Growing Spine 3rd Edition-1

Behrooz A. Akbarnia George H. Thompson • Muharrem Yazici Ron El-Hawary Editors 2022 We are honored and delighted to present the third edition of The Growing Spine: Management of Spinal Disorders in Young Children textbook to you. It has been 10 years since the first edition (2011) was published. The success of the previous two […]

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Neurocutaneous Disorders

Neurocutaneous Disorders 3rd Edition-1

Christos P. Panteliadis Ramsis Benjamin • Christian Hagel Editors 2022 A Clinical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approach Six years have passed since the release of the second edition of the book Neurocutaneous Disorders—A Clinical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approach. The good response from the readership on the one hand, and the quickly expanding knowledge about causative genetic […]

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Approach to Lower Limb Oedema

Approach to Lower Limb Oedema 1st Edition-1

Satyendra K. Tiwary Editor 2022 Lower limb edema is the commonest peripheral edema affecting the legs, ankle, and foot. The cause may be simple, sometimes like sitting for a long time in a plane or standing for too long in the journey or work. Sometimes, it may be a result of more serious underlying diseases […]

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