Onco-critical Care

Onco-critical Care An Evidence-based Approach-1

Vinod Kumar • Nishkarsh Gupta Seema Mishra Editors 2022 Critical care in cancer patients is complex and different from routine care for non-malignant patients. These patients are immunocompromised, malnourished and have specific concerns due to cancer-related complications, treatment-related toxicities, and severe infections. The intensivist must understand about pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of common cancer-related issues.

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Concepts for Nursing Practice

Concepts for Nursing Practice E-Book

Jean Foret Giddens 2021 Wisdom means keeping a sense of the fallibility of our views and opinions, and of the uncertainty and instability of the things we most count on. Gerard Brown. Conceptual learning is increasingly viewed as a major trend for the future of education—not in nursing alone, but across numerous disciplines. This belief is based on […]

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Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in Children and Adolescents

Female Genital Mutilation-1

Jasmine Abdulcadir Noémie Sachs Guedj • Michal Yaron Editors 2022 Illustrated Guide to Diagnose, Assess, Inform and Report Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) remains a major public health issue ten years after the United Nation General Assembly adopted a resolution on its elimination. It also remains a neglected topic in pre- and post-grade curricula of health […]

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The EBMT/EHA CAR-T Cell Handbook

The EBMTEHA CAR-T Cell Handbook-1

Nicolaus Kröger • John Gribben Christian Chabannon • Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha Hermann Einsele Editors 2022 Chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy (CAR-T) is a new class of medicinal products that are genetically engineered from T cells. It is expected that other forms of Immune Effector Cells-based therapies will soon reach the market, manufactured from other subsets […]

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