Trends and Factors in Japan’s Long-Term Care Insurance System

Trends and Factors in Japan's Long-Term Care Insurance System-1

Pedro Olivares-Tirado • Nanako Tamiya 2014 Japan’s 10-year Experience The aging of the population (i.e. the shift in the age distribution towards people C65 years) has had a profound impact on modern society and will require increasing attention from social scientists and policymakers during the 21st century. This trend is a reflection of the success of human development […]

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Persisting Undernutrition in India

Persisting Undernutrition in India-1

Nira Ramachandran 2014 Causes, Consequences and Possible Solutions The persistence of hunger and undernutrition in a fast developing economy like India is a constant source of mortification. It is not that the urgency of the issue remains unnoticed. Successive governments have put in place diverse policies and innovative programmes and schemes to address the problem, but progress has […]

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Health and Cognition in Old Age

Health and Cognition in Old Age-1

Anja K. Leist • Jenni Kulmala • Fredrica Nyqvist Editors 2014 From Biomedical and Life Course Factors to Policy and Practice This volume is proof of the success of long-lasting and major efforts to foster crossnational and cross-disciplinary ageing research in Europe. All first authors were funded or have been invited to take part in the framework […]

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Ambient Assisted Living

Ambient Assisted Living-1

Reiner Wichert • Helmut Klausing Editors 2014 6. AAL-Kongress 2013 Berlin, Germany To promote a healthier lifestyle and to support carers, families and care organizations the research field of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) for ICT-enabled independent living by using products and services for better health and functional capability of older adults has been established. This research field has […]

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Refuge and Resilience

Refuge and Resilience-1

Laura Simich • Lisa Andermann Editors 2014 Promoting Resilience and Mental Health among Resettled Refugees and Forced Migrants Volume 7 The refugee experience confronts us with humanity at its most challenged—forcibly uprooted and in flight from violence, caught between countries, facing an uncertain future—but it also provides some of the most striking examples of human […]

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