Textbook of Patient Safety and Clinical Risk Management

Textbook of Patient Safety and Clinical Risk Management-1

Liam Donaldson • Walter Ricciardi Susan Sheridan • Riccardo Tartaglia Editors 2021 Despite the extensive attention and public commitments towards patient safety over the last two decades, levels of avoidable harm in healthcare around the world remain unacceptably high. By creating a book with broad scope and clear descriptions of the key concepts and thinking in patient safety, we […]

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Nutrition and Infectious Diseases


Debbie L. Humphries Marilyn E. Scott • Sten H. Vermund Editors 2021 Shifting the Clinical Paradigm Undernutrition is estimated to affect over 800 million individuals, or more than one in ten persons on Earth [1]. This number includes those who are undernourished based on anthropometric measurements and those for whom at least one nutrient deficiency has been diagnosed.

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Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery

Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery-1

Chelvin C. A. Sng • Keith Barton Editors 2021 The last decade has witnessed an explosion of novel therapies that have heralded the era of interventional glaucoma. Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) has been the center piece of this movement, providing ophthalmologists and patients with an alternative to topical medications or traditional conjunctival surgery. These procedures share a common […]

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Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy


Nariyoshi Shinomiya • Yasufumi Asai Editors 2020 Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Applications Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy is a well-known traditional treatment method for patients with tissue hypoxia. It improves tissue oxygen levels and brings increased capacity of wound healing/tissue remodeling. It also revitalizes the cell activity to increase survival and modulates anti-inflammatory/immunological function of immune cells, which leads to […]

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Orthopedics in Disasters


Nikolaj Wolfson Editor 2016 Orthopedic Injuries in Natural Disasters and Mass Casualty Events The reader of this treatise has the privilege of reviewing the most definitive and complete analysis of trauma treatment extant. The particular discussion of mass trauma and crisis management is special, all-inclusive, and current. This reference book will be a “must have selection” for all […]

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Sonographic Peripheral Nerve Topography

Sonographic Peripheral Nerve Topo-1

Hannes Gruber • Alexander Loizides Bernhard Moriggl Editors 2019 A Landmark-based Algorithm “For whom, and why?” Our target audience and the purpose of this book. This atlas is meant to be a useful “vade mecum” for all colleagues interested and involved in nerve sonography in order to locate nerves as quickly and easily as possible in daily […]

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