Young and physically active: a blueprint for making physical activity appealing to youth

Young and physically active

By: Paul Kelly, Anne Matthews and Charlie Foster 2012 With almost one million deaths per year attributable to physical inactivity, this has become the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality in high-income countries and a major public health issue. In line with the life-course approach advocated by the new European health policy, Health 2020, the promotion of physical […]

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Women’s health and well-being in Europe: beyond the mortality advantage

Womens health and well-being in Europe-1

World Health Organization 2016 Women in Europe are living longer and healthier lives. Important progress has been made in the WHO European Region in relation to gender equality and other social, economic and environmental determinants of women’s health and well-being. Health systems are slowly adapting to address women’s health issues beyond reproduction.

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Using price policies to promote healthier diets

Using price policies to promote healthier diets-1

World Health Organization 2015 Today in Europe policy-makers increasingly recognize the urgency of promoting healthy diets, with a view to lowering the alarming rates of overweight, obesity and other diet-related noncommunicable diseases. Analysis of the latest data shows that unhealthy diets are the leading risk factors undermining health and well-being in the WHO European Region.

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