Nutrition Guide for Physicians-1

Edited by Ted Wilson Norman J. Temple Dr. George A. Bray Marie Boyle Struble 2010 It has often been pointed out that there is a near absence of nutrition education during medical school. If this deficiency is corrected during postgraduate medical training, it often owes more to accident than design, or perhaps to the personal interests of individual […]

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Management of Health Risks from Environment and Food

Management of Health Risks from Environment and Food-1

Edited by Hajime Sato 2010 Policy and Politics of Health Risk Management in Five Countries — Asbestos and BSE The Alliance for Global Sustainability (AGS) is a unique, international partnership between four of the world’s leading science and technology universities: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The University of Tokyo, and Chalmers University of […]

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Iron Deficiency and Overload-1

Edited by SHLOMO YEHUDA DAVID I. MOSTOFSKY 2010 From Basic Biology to Clinical Medicine In Shakespeare’s The Twelfth Night, the story is told of a young woman who became severely depressed because she was in love with somebody and could not tell anyone about it, not even the beloved himself. She is described as suffering from a ‘‘green […]

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Dietary Components and Immune Function

Dietary Components and Immune Function-1

Edited by Ronald R. Watson Sherma Zibadi Victor R. Preedy 2010 The Strategic Plan of the United States’ National Institute of Health stresses the pursuit of mechanistic studies as an overarching priority. Among the basic mechanisms identified as needing exploration are immune-focused studies. Many dietary components are believed to exert their activities by modulating immune function.

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Probiotics in Pediatric Medicine

Probiotics in Pediatric Medicine-1

Editors Sonia Michail Philip M. Sherman 2009 The concept of probiotics was conceived hundreds and thousands of years ago but became more tangible at the turn of the century when Metchnikoff documented his intelligent correlation between the health of Bulgarian peasants and the consumption of what would now be considered probiotics. Since then many scientists and investigators have diligently […]

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Nutrition and Metabolism-1

Editor Christos S. Mantzoros 2009 Underlying Mechanisms and Clinical Consequences Research on obesity spans a wide range of disciplines, from molecular biology to physiology to epidemiology and translational research to clinical medicine. This book attempts to review comprehensively, for practicing clinicians and scientists alike, our current understanding of how nutrition interacts with the genetic substrate as well as environmental-exogenous factors, […]

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Nutritional Health

Nutritional Health-1

Norman J. Temple ● Ted Wilson David R. Jacobs, Jr. Editors 2012 Strategies for Disease Prevention The first edition of Nutritional Health was published in 2001, and the second edition in 2006. During this first decade of the twenty- first century much water has flown under the bridge of the advancing river that is nutrition research and […]

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Carotenoids and Human Health

Carotenoids and Human Health-1

Sherry A. Tanumihardjo Editor 2013 Beyond the provitamin A activity of some carotenoids and adding splashes of color to the world that we live in, carotenoids are still not considered “nutrients”. Nonetheless, carotenoids are receiving increased attention as a group of phytochemicals important for optimal health. Vitamin A de fi ciency, particularly marginal status, continues to plague much […]

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Nutrition and Oral Medicine-1

Edited by RIVA TOUGER-DECKER DAVID A. SIROIS CONNIE C. MOBLEY 2005 Nutrition and Oral Medicine was written to fill an existing void in the nutrition and dental literature. The primary aims of this book are to target the known complex, multifaceted relationships between diet/nutrition and oral health. The reader will find chapters focusing on oral and dental diseases […]

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