Paolo Falaschi • David Marsh Editors 2021 The Management of Old The first edition of Orthogeriatrics stressed that the key feature of older patients with fragility fractures is that they often have the dual problem of fragility (of the bone) and frailty (of their entire physiology). Therefore, the appropriate mode of management in the acute phase is orthogeriatric […]

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Health and Wellbeing in Late Life

Health And Well being In Late Life-1

Prasun Chatterjee 2019 Perspectives and Narratives from India It gives me immense pleasure to write this foreword to Dr. Prasun Chatterjee’s book Health and Wellbeing in Late Life: Perspectives and Narratives from India. This book will break a new ground in India as it is placed at a unique confluence of medical knowledge and expertise and experiences of […]

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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis-1

Huw Llewelyn Hock Aun Ang Keir Lewis Anees Al-Abdullah 2014 This book helps doctors and students to arrive at a diagnosis, and to explain and to justify their reasoning, especially when seeing patients with new problems that lie outside their personal range of experience. This will happen very frequently to students, frequently to house officers, but will still happen […]

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Edited by Michael Glynn William M. Drake 2018 Hutchison’s Clinical Methods is a book for students of all ages and all degrees of experience. Although the scope, complexity and technology of clinical medicine continues to evolve with great speed, the aim of this text is exactly as it was when Robert Hutchison published the very first edition in 1897: to provide […]

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Pathophysiology of Disease: An Introduction to Clinical Medicine

Pathophysiology of Disease An Introduction to Clinical Medicine-1

Edited by Gary D. Hammer Stephen J. McPhee 2014 The goal of Pathophysiology of Disease: An Introduction to Clinical Medicine—as outlined in the introductory chapter (Chapter 1)—is to introduce students to clinical medicine by reviewing the pathophysiologic basis of the symptoms and signs of various common diseases. The book has proved useful as a text for both Pathophysiology and Introduction to […]

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Aging Well

Aging Well-1

Jean Galiana • William A. Haseltine 2019 Solutions to the Most Pressing Global Challenges of Aging This book is a product of ACCESS Health International (www.accessh. org). ACCESS Health is a think tank, advisory group, and implementation partner dedicated to assuring that everyone, no matter where they live and no matter what their age, has access to high-quality […]

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The Ethics of Medical Data Donation

The Ethics of Medical Data Donation-1

Jenny Krutzinna • Luciano Floridi Editors 2019 New medical data is generated every second, adding to the source of potential “raw material” required for generating innovative and groundbreaking medical insights and expanding knowledge about health and well-being. For the first time in history, technologies exist that enable rapid and large-scale analysis of collected data, bringing the possibility of personalizing […]

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Acquis et limites en sénologie

Acquis et limites en senologie-1

Editors: Anne Lesur, Richard Villet (Eds.) 2013 34es Journées de la Société Française de Sénologie et de Pathologie Mammaire 14-16 Novembre 2012 Paris Ce livre est le livre des actes des Journées de Sénologie, obéissant à ce titre à la charte d’une collection d’ouvrages qui, au cours du temps, ont été les témoins des rencontres annuelles organisées par la SFSPM depuis […]

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