Approach to Lower Limb Oedema

Approach to Lower Limb Oedema 1st Edition-1

Satyendra K. Tiwary Editor 2022 Lower limb edema is the commonest peripheral edema affecting the legs, ankle, and foot. The cause may be simple, sometimes like sitting for a long time in a plane or standing for too long in the journey or work. Sometimes, it may be a result of more serious underlying diseases […]

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Practical Tips in Aortic Surgery

Practical Tips in Aortic Surgery_ Clinical and Technical Insights 1st Edition-1

John A. Elefteriades • Bulat A. Ziganshin 2021 Clinical and Technical Insights Herein are nearly four decades of wisdom pertaining to operations on the aorta, collected and beautifully illustrated by a master aortic surgeon and his young colleague. How I wish this book had been available when I began my career. While textbooks and peer-reviewed […]

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The EBMT/EHA CAR-T Cell Handbook

The EBMTEHA CAR-T Cell Handbook-1

Nicolaus Kröger • John Gribben Christian Chabannon • Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha Hermann Einsele Editors 2022 Chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy (CAR-T) is a new class of medicinal products that are genetically engineered from T cells. It is expected that other forms of Immune Effector Cells-based therapies will soon reach the market, manufactured from other subsets […]

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Egan’s fundamentals of respiratory care

Egan's Fundamentals of Respiratory Care

Robert M. Kacmarek James K. Stoller Albert J. Heuer 2021 Donald F. Egan, MD, the original author of Egan’s Fundamentals of Respiratory Care, sought to provide a foundation of knowledge for respiratory therapy students learning the practice in 1969. However, the scope of the respiratory care profession is ever-expanding, and the skills and information needed […]

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