Imaging Complications of Gastrointestinal and Biliopancreatic Endoscopy Procedures

Imaging Complications of Gastrointestinal and Biliopancreatic Endoscopy Procedures june-2016--1

Massimo Tonolini Editor 2016 During the last decades, digestive endoscopy significantly developed not only as a diagnostic technique but also in its operative-therapeutic applications. Endoscopy increasingly has replaced surgery and previous radiological approaches in a variety of conditions, which up to some years ago required a surgical approach, such as endoscopic submucosal dissection of intramucosal tumors or endoscopic drainage of […]

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Endoscopic Imaging Techniques and Tools

Endoscopic Imaging Techniques and Tools 2016-1

Vani J.A. Konda • Irving Waxman Editors 2016 The field of endoscopy burgeoned from a simple tube with lenses and a light source that could visualize the gross lining of the stomach to a myriad of different platforms and technologies. The endoscopes themselves have evolved over the generations where now high-resolution endoscopy provides on the order of eight […]

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Терапевтическая эндоскопия желудочно-кишечного тракта

Terapewticheskaya endoskop

Редакторы Х.Дж. Чун С.-К. Янг М.-Г. Чой 2017 Атлас Терапевтическая эндоскопия желудочно-кишечного тракта — одно из самых востребованных направлений современной эндоскопии. Развитие новых технологий диагностики и лечения заболеваний верхних и нижних отделов пищеварительного тракта, с одной стороны, позволило значительно расширить область применения терапевтических эндоскопических технологий, а с другой — повысило планку требований к уровню подготовки […]

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Psychosomatik in der Gastroenterologie und Hepatologie

Psychosomatik in der Gastroenterologie und Hepatologie-1

Gabriele Moser (Hrsg.) 2007 Die zunehmende Technologisierung in der Gastroenterologie und Hepatologie führte – wie in vielen anderen internistischen Subdisziplinen auch – dazu, dass die Beziehung zu Kranken, das ärztliche Gespräch und die psychosoziale Dimension des Leidens immer stärker in den Hintergrund gedrängt werden. Kenntnisse in der Endoskopie, ERCP, im Ultraschall, Indikationen und Beurteilung von neuen bildgebenden Verfahren usw. erlangen eine […]

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Oxford Case Histories in Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Oxford Case of Histories in Gastroentrology and Hepatology-1

Alissa J. Walsh Otto C. Buchel Jane Collier Simon P.L. Travis 2010 This book contains a series of cases that we have encountered in Oxford Gastroenterology practice. One purpose is to assist re-validation. Another is to provide a resource of real cases in preparation for specialist exams. A further purpose is more general, being educational for physicians in […]

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Endoscopic Therapy for Barrett’s Esophagus

Endoscopic Therapy for Barretts Esophagus-1

Edited by RICHARD E. SAMPLINER 2009 Endoscopic therapy for Barrett’s esophagus (BE) has come of age. This is documented by the publication of a randomized controlled trial of one modality and an abstract of a randomized sham-controlled trial of another. The goal of this book is to highlight and detail the differing techniques of ablation for the elimination of […]

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Probiotics in Pediatric Medicine

Probiotics in Pediatric Medicine-1

Editors Sonia Michail Philip M. Sherman 2009 The concept of probiotics was conceived hundreds and thousands of years ago but became more tangible at the turn of the century when Metchnikoff documented his intelligent correlation between the health of Bulgarian peasants and the consumption of what would now be considered probiotics. Since then many scientists and investigators have diligently […]

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Gastrointestinal Cancer         

Gastrointestinal Cancer-1

Jaffer A. Ajani, MD, Steven A. Curley, Patrick M. Lynch, Nora A. Janjan Editors 2005 As a group, gastrointestinal-tract cancers are the second most common cancers among males and females in the United States. The most dominant is colorectal cancer; remarkably, only a small proportion of people nationwide receive adequate screening for this malignancy.

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Radiologic-Pathologic Correlations from Head to Toe

Radiologic-Pathologic Correlations from Head to Toe-1

Nicholas C. Gourtsoyiannis · Pablo R. Ros (Eds.) 2005 Understanding the Manifestations of Disease We are proud to offer this unique textbook, the first in its class presenting state-of-the-art radiologic images of the entire body correlated with underlying pathology. This book is based on a categorical course presented for 3 years at recent European Congresses of Radiology and covers from head […]

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