Delusions in Context

Delusions in Context-1

Lisa Bortolotti Editor 2018 This book gathers some influential views about the relationship between delusional and non-delusional beliefs, and seeks to provide the resources for a better understanding of delusions by considering the clinical, psychological, philosophical, social, and cultural context in which delusional beliefs are adopted and maintained. The views defended in the four self-standing chapters comprising this book come from […]

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Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology-1

Edited by Nick Braisby and Angus Gellatly 2005 This book has been produced as the core text for the Open University’s level 3 course in Cognitive Psychology (DD303). However, it has been designed to serve students taking other courses in cognitive psychology as well, either as essential or recommended reading. There are a number of features of the […]

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Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia-1

Michael L. Perlis Carla Benson-Jungquist Michael T. Smith Donn A. Posner 2005 A Session-by-Session Guide There is now an overwhelming preponderance of evidence that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is effective (1;2), as effective as sedative hypnotics during acute treatment (4–8 weeks) (3;4), and more effective in the long term (following treatment) (3). In general,CBT-I yields an average treatment […]

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Treatment and Management of Maladaptive Schemas

Treatment and Management of Maladaptive Schemas-1

Eric A. Kreuter • Kenneth M. Moltner 2014 The phenomenology of human behavior involves many forms of adaptation in response to stimuli encountered within the spectrum of everyday life. Such responses include identifiable patterns of negativity brought on by the perception of the individual or as the result of trauma from extraordinary events. These responses provide the basis for […]

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The Evolution of Violence

The Evolution of Violence-1

Todd K. Shackelford • Ranald D. Hansen Editors 2014 In April 2012, we invited dozens of scholars from around the USA to join us at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan for a day-long interdisciplinary conference on “The Evolution of Violence.” This conference followed a visit and lecture the day before by Steven Pinker on his recent book, The […]

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Models of Psychopathology

Models of Psychopathology-1

Lisa M. Hooper • Luciano L’Abate Laura G. Sweeney • Giovanna Gianesini Peter J. Jankowski 2014 Generational Processes and Relational Roles Generational Processes and Relational Roles , comprises eight chapters, four of which focus on commonly discussed or clinically evidenced twenty-first-century phenomena that may be related to psychopathology: (a) parentification, (b) parental alienating behavior, (c) bullying, and (d) […]

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Medical Family Therapy

Medical Family Therapy-1

Jennifer Hodgson • Angela Lamson • Tai Mendenhall • D. Russell Crane Editors 2014 Medical Family Therapy (MedFT) interweaves the biomedical and psychosocial by utilizing systems theory and interdisciplinary collaboration. Although its footprint is still small in the larger health care system, it is perfectly tailored to our twenty-first century web of interconnectedness where old orthodoxies (such as mind […]

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Genes and the Motivation to Use Substances

Genes and the Motivation to Use Substances-1

Scott F. Stoltenberg Editor 2014 We are proud to offer this volume from the 61st Nebraska Symposium on Motivation. The volume editor is Scott Stoltenberg, who coordinated the symposium that led to this volume including selecting and inviting the contributors. I sincerely thank Professor Stoltenberg and the contributors for an outstanding series of papers on the influence of genetic […]

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