Parasites, Pussycats and Psychosis

Parasites, Pussycats and Psychosis-1

E. Fuller Torrey 2022 The Unknown Dangers of Human Toxoplasmosis I like cats. They make nice companions, especially for people living alone. I won’t say I like them better than dogs because that would seem disrespectful to the cocker spaniel of my childhood, very loving though not very bright. I became especially fond of Meowser, […]

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Veteran Psychiatry in the US

Veteran Psychiatry in the US_ Optimizing Clinical Outcomes 1st Edition-1

Elspeth Cameron Ritchie • Maria D. Llorente Editors 2019 Optimizing Clinical Outcomes War and politics are always intertwined, and both impact the health care of the active duty service member. The health of veterans may be still more sensitive to this interconnection because politicians often rally to their cause in order to further their own […]

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Personalized Psychiatry

Personalized Psychiatry 1st Edition-1

Editors: Ives Cavalcante Passos, Benson Mwangi, Flávio Kapczinski 2019 Big Data Analytics in Mental Health This book was written to address the emerging need to deal with the explosion of information available about individual behaviours and choices. Importantly, we believe that there are still untapped opportunities to transform such information into intelligence that would enable […]

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Perioperative Psychiatry

Perioperative Psychiatry A Guide to Behavioral Healthcare 1st Edition-1

Editors: Paula C. Zimbrean, Mark A. Oldham, Hochang, Benjamin Lee 2019 A Guide to Behavioral Healthcare for the Surgical Patient In this book, Perioperative Psychiatry, Drs. Zimbrean, Oldham, and Lee have spelled out a compelling argument that team-based care for the surgical patient results in improved quality, enhanced safety, and better outcomes. While traditional models […]

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Perinatal Psychopharmacology

Perinatal Psychopharmacology 1st Edition-1

Faruk Uguz, Laura Orsolini Editors 2019 Non-psychotic mental disorders are amongst the most common morbidities in pregnancy and postpartum (together referring to the perinatal period). So far, research about mental disorders in the perinatal period has largely focused on depression, particularly postpartum depression, even though increasing evidence shows a substantial morbidity with other psychiatric disorders […]

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Diagnostic Interviewing

Diagnostic Interviewing 5th Edition-1

Editor Daniel L. Segal 2019 The first three editions of this book had Michel Hersen and Samuel M. Turner as its editors. After Sam’s untimely death, Michel invited me to join the team and we coedited the fourth edition together, which was published in 2010. Now that Michel has retired, I remain as the sole editor […]

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Early Career Physician Mental Health and Wellness. A Clinical Casebook

Early Career Physician Mental Health and Wellness-1

Editors: Janna S. Gordon-Elliott Anna H. Rosen 2019 Young adulthood is a time of substantial transition, growth, risk, and opportunity. Transitioning out of adolescence involves developmental challenges including, but not limited to, establishment of independence, crystallization of personality, navigation of intimate relationships, and laying the groundwork for a career. This stage of life is also the […]

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