Calipered Kinematically Aligned Total Knee Arthroplasty

Calipered Kinematically aligned Total Knee Arthroplasty 1st Edition-1

Editors: Stephen M. Howell, Stefano A. Bini, G. Daxton Steele 2022 “Through the looking-glass” refers to the Lewis Carroll novel (i.e., the sequel to Alice in Wonderland) where Alice crosses over into a “bizarre universe” when she enters the flipped world on the other side of a mirror. The phrase implies unpredictable and strange happenings, a poignant […]

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Water-filtered Infrared A (wIRA) Irradiation

Water-filtered Infrared A-1

Peter Vaupel Editor 2022 From Research to Clinical Settings Water-filtered infrared A irradiation (wIRA) is a special application of infrared A irradiation. Its preferential induction of thermal, but also nonthermal, effects which have a high tissue penetration and low heat load to the skin surface makes wIRA a promising therapeutic method. Since its introduction in […]

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Cerebrovascular Surgery

Cerebrovascular Surgery_ Controversies, Standards and Advances 1st Edition-1

Yoko Kato • Ahmed Ansari Editors 2022 Controversies, Standards and Advances Cerebrovascular surgery, as a specialty, has grown leaps and bounds in this era. Indications of endovascular neurosurgery have grown significantly, though clear indications for open cerebrovascular surgery are very much intact. Proponents of both specialties linger on the pros and cons of their respective […]

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Atlas of Minimally Invasive Techniques in Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery

Atlas of Minimally Invasive Techniques in Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery 1st Edition-1

M. Asunción Acosta · Miguel A. Cuesta · Marcos Bruna Editors 2021 Since the first interventions of laparoscopic antireflux surgery in the early 1990 our interest has been the implementation of minimally invasive procedures in all Upper Gastrointestinal (Upper GI) pathology, benign and malignant. Surgeons continually strive to provide the best care possible for their […]

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Approach to Lower Limb Oedema

Approach to Lower Limb Oedema 1st Edition-1

Satyendra K. Tiwary Editor 2022 Lower limb edema is the commonest peripheral edema affecting the legs, ankle, and foot. The cause may be simple, sometimes like sitting for a long time in a plane or standing for too long in the journey or work. Sometimes, it may be a result of more serious underlying diseases […]

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Practical Tips in Aortic Surgery

Practical Tips in Aortic Surgery_ Clinical and Technical Insights 1st Edition-1

John A. Elefteriades • Bulat A. Ziganshin 2021 Clinical and Technical Insights Herein are nearly four decades of wisdom pertaining to operations on the aorta, collected and beautifully illustrated by a master aortic surgeon and his young colleague. How I wish this book had been available when I began my career. While textbooks and peer-reviewed […]

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Endovascular Surgery of Cerebral Aneurysms

Endovascular Surgery of Cerebral Aneurysms 1st Edition-1

Xianli Lv Editor 2022 Endovascular neurosurgery provides effective and minimally invasive treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases. This area of expertise has continued to gain both wider application and greater depth as new and better techniques are developed and as landmark clinical studies are performed to guide their use. The treatment of cerebral aneurysms […]

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