Pilates − A Teachers’ Manual

Pilates. A Teachers' Manual-1

V. Geweniger A. Bohlander 2014 Exercises with Mats and Equipment for Prevention and Rehabilitation This “manual” for physiotherapists, physical education teachers, and trainers is the first textbook of its kind, and provides an ideal foundation and guide to accompany certification in modern Pilates. We have brought together the documents and descriptions that form the traditional basis of the Pilates method as […]

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Emerging Therapies in Neurorehabilitation

Emerging Therapies in Neurorehabilitation-1

José L Pons • Diego Torricelli Editors 2014 Biosystems & Biorobotics Volume 4 Neurorehabilitation is entering a new exciting era. A wide range of new technologies is increasingly taking part of the clinical practice, enhancing the potential of therapists and clinicians to rehabilitate, diagnose, and generate knowledge. Wearable robotics, virtual reality, brain–machine interfaces, and neural prosthetics are playing a […]

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Panagiotis Artemiadis Editor 2014 From Brain Machine Interfaces to Rehabilitation Robotics Neuro-Robotics is definitely one of the most multidisciplinary fields of the last decades, combining information and knowledge from neuroscience, engineering and computer science. It is the science and technology of embodied autonomous neural systems, as defined by Dr. Frederic Kaplan (EPFL, Switzerland). Those neural systems include bio-inspired […]

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Pragmatic Disorders

Pragmatic Disorders-1

Louise Cummings 2014 Perspectives in Pragmatics, Philosophy & Psychology Volume 3 Clinical pragmatics has undergone a remarkable transformation in its relatively short history. From relative obscurity in early studies of language disorders in children, the field has developed into a thriving area of clinical language study which is on a par with clinical phonology and […]

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Assistive Technologies for People with Diverse Abilities

Assistive Technologies for People with Diverse Abilities-1

Giulio E. Lancioni • Nirbhay N. Singh Editors 2014 This book examines the use of assistive technology by a variety of individuals, many of whom experience difficulties in their daily lives because of, for example, acquired brain damage, autism, communication and motor impairment, and Alzheimer’s disease. The number of individuals comprising these groups is slowly […]

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