Oral Cancer Detection

Oral Cancer Detection 1st Edition-1

Editor Prashanth Panta 2019 Novel Strategies and Clinical Impact More than 90% of all oral cancers are oral squamous cell carcinomas (OSCCs) that arise from oral epithelium. Although OSCCs are superficial cancers, highly accessible to clinicians, they are often discovered late (stage III–IV)! Interestingly, OSCCs develop within an established group of conditions referred to as […]

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Evidence-Based Oral Surgery

Evidence-Based Oral Surgery 1st Edition-1

Editors: Elie M. Ferneini, Michael T. Goupil 2019 A Clinical Guide for the General Dental Practitioner Evidence-based dentistry integrates a practitioner’s clinical expertise and judgment, the needs, desires, and preferences of the patient, and current, clinically relevant evidence. The intersection of these domains is a critical component of an effective, patient-centered approach to care.

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Lasers in Dentistry

Lasers in Dentistry Guide for Clinical Practice-1

Edited by Patrícia M. de Freitas Alyne Simões 2015 The knowledge that light is beneficial and may lead to cure does not belong exclusively to our time; Greek and Ancient Egyptian doctors practiced cures by exposure to sunlight. However, it was in the past century that one of the great technological advancements was made: the development of laser appliances for […]

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Applied Dental Materials

Applied Dental Material-1

John F. McCabe Angus W.G. Walls 2008 In producing this ninth edition of Applied Dental Materials we have updated the text in both content and appearance. We hope that the book will remain helpful to students and teachers of the science of dental materials alike by remaining true to the core principles and developing them into a more comprehensive text which […]

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A Textbook of Public Health Dentistry

A Textbook of Public Health Dentistry-1

CM Marya 2011 This textbook is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students in dentistry as well as health professionals with an interest in understanding and promoting oral health within communities. Although Public Health Dentistry is concerned with oral health of the population rather than dental needs of an individual patient, the ultimate beneficiary of public health programs is […]

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