Antisense RNA Design, Delivery, and Analysis

Antisense RNA Design, Delivery, and Analysis-1

Edited by Virginia Arechavala-Gomeza Alejandro Garanto 2022 The field of RNA therapeutics has rapidly changed over the last few years. Particularly, two mRNA vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 and a customized oligonucleotide for an n-of-1 trial have revolutionized the expectations in the field. Although the use of RNA-based molecules as treatments has been investigated for several decades, […]

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Addiction Medicine

Addiction Medicine -1

Bankole A. Johnson Editor 2011 Science and Practice Volume 1 The book Addiction Medicine: Science and Practice is my attempt to bridge the gap between the explosion of neuroscientific and behavioral knowledge in the past three decades and treatment delivery in clinical practice.

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Handbook of Pediatric Chronic Pain

Handbook of Pediatric Chronic Pain-1

Brenda C. McClain • Santhanam Suresh Editors 2011 Current Science and Integrative Practice The evolution of the concept of this book was to address areas of pediatric chronic pain that have not been traditionally the focus of current literature but still are of great clinical concern. This text is written for pain specialists and pediatric-oriented practitioners who encounter […]

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The Psychology of the Human-Animal Bond

The Psychology of the Human-Animal Bond-1

Christopher Blazina · Güler Boyraz · David Shen-Miller Editors 2011 A Resource for Clinicians and Researchers There have been dramatic increases in the emotional, psychological, and financial investment of animal companions over the past four decades in the United States and abroad. It is estimated that more than 63% of homes in the United States own a pet, […]

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Centers for Ending

Centers for Ending-1

Seymour B. Sarason 2011 The Coming Crisis in the Care of Aged People Centers for Endings: The Coming Crisis in the Care of Aged People is a rallying call to action that comes from knowledge, from experience, and from the heart. Revered psychologist, Seymour Sarason, builds on years of association with both the medical and educational establishments, plus […]

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Behavioral Sport Psychology

Behavioral Sport Psychology-1

James K. Luiselli · Derek D. Reed Editors 2011 Evidence-Based Approaches to Performance Enhancement Sport psychology is a topic of growing interest. Many professionals read journals such as The International Journal of Sports, Journal of Sport Behavior, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, and The Sport Psychologist.

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Drug Abuse in Adolescence

Drug Abuse in Adolescence-1

Denise De Micheli • André Luiz Monezi Andrade • Eroy Aparecida da Silva • Maria Lucia Oliveira de Souza Formigoni Editors 2016 Neurobiological, Cognitive, and Psychological Issues The fact that prefaces often begin by describing how difficult it is to write one should have been a warning. But prefaces are there, and their existence is a […]

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