Basic and Clinical Toxicology of Organophosphorus Compounds

Basic and Clinical Toxicology of Organophosphorus Compounds-1

Mahdi Balali-Mood • Mohammad Abdollahi Editors 2014 Although there have been some books on chemistry and some on toxicology of organophosphorus compounds (OPs), no books have been published which deal with different aspects of these compounds. Consequently, this book aims to bring existing knowledge of OPs together and act as a comprehensive manual on the […]

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Metal-on-Metal Bearings

Metal-on-Metal Bearings-1

Lynne C. Jones • A. Seth Greenwald Warren O. Haggard Editors 2014 A Clinical Practicum Over a million metal-on-metal hip prostheses have been implanted since 1996, according to the Hip Society [1]. Controversy arose with reports of adverse tissue reactions and increased rates of revision associated with some of the implant designs during the 2000s. […]

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Bone-Implant Interface in Orthopedic Surgery

Bone-Implant Interface in Orthopedic Surgery-1

Theofilos Karachalios Editor 2014 Basic Science to Clinical Applications In the 1960s and early 1970s, it was customary to see crippled women and men, with hip and knee joint deformities and serious restriction of movement, tottering very short distances using various walking aids and describing how agonizingly painful their arthritic joints were. In November 1962, […]

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