Charting Spiritual Care

Charting Spiritual Care-1

Simon Peng-Keller • David Neuhold Editors 2020 The Emerging Role of Chaplaincy Records in Global Health Care This volume investigates a much debated issue of late-modern spiritual care: the integration of spiritual concerns and chaplaincy in electronic medical records (EMR). This raises several important questions which spiritual care givers have been trying to address from the start. Besides […]

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Informatique médicale, e-Santé

Informatique medicale, e-Sante-1

Alain Venot, Anita Burgun, Catherine Quantin 2013 Les premières recherches effectuées dans le but d’informatiser les processus métiers en médecine ont commencé il y a plus de cinquante ans. La tâche s’est avérée laborieuse, plus difficile qu’on ne le prévoyait et a nécessité des recherches spécifiques. Des systèmes informatisés se sont progressivement répandus dans divers domaines en Santé et sont maintenant […]

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Building European Reference Networks in Health Care

Building European Reference Networks in Health Care-1

Edited by Willy Palm Irene A. Glinos Bernd Rechel Pascal Garel Reinhard Busse Josep Figueras 2013 Providing highly specialized and complex health care of quality is a challenge faced by all health systems. Medicine is constantly evolving and more innovation and technologies are now used in diagnostic techniques. A good response to this challenge therefore requires careful resource […]

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Critical Issues for the Development of Sustainable E-health Solutions

Critical Issues for the Development of Sustainable E-health Solutions-1

Nilmini Wickramasinghe ● Rajeev K Bali Reima Suomi ● Stefan Kirn Editors 2012 Healthcare delivery globally is at a cross roads. In particular, the U.S. healthcare system has been noted as being significantly more costly than any other OECD country (Wickramasinghe et al. 2008a). Moreover, the use of healthcare services in the U.S. is below the OECD median […]

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