Evidence Based Global Health Manual for Preterm Birth Risk Assessment

Evidence Based Global Health Manual for Preterm Birth Risk Assessment-1

Dilly OC Anumba • Shamanthi M. Jayasooriya Editors 2022 I am delighted to commend this concise book to healthcare workers in Women’s and Children’s Health globally. The book provides evidenced practical guidance for systematic assessment of pregnancy risk for preterm birth during antenatal care, towards the provision of personalised care to prevent premature birth and […]

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Improving Oncology Worldwide

Improving Oncology Worldwide-1

Uta Schmidt-Straßburger Editor 2022 Education, Clinical Research and Global Cancer Care Dear Reader, when planning a meeting 2 years ago, a possible pandemic never even crossed my mind even though I was aware of the possibility, having read The Coming Plague by Laurie Garrett almost 25 years ago and having had to cancel the attendance […]

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Assessment of Cancer Screening

Assessment of Cancer Screening-1

Pamela M. Marcus 2022 Cancer screening is a prominent strategy in cancer control, yet the ability to correctly interpret cancer screening data seems to elude many researchers, clinicians, and policy makers. My initial attempt to address that problem was to develop a short course on the assessment of cancer screening that focused on methodology and […]

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Cancer in the Arab World

Cancer in the Arab World-1

Humaid O. Al-Shamsi Ibrahim H. Abu-Gheida Faryal Iqbal Aydah Al-Awadhi Editors 2022 The Arab world was at the crossroads of the ancient trade routes and continues to be a central meeting point for civilizations due to its unique positioning and geography. This has contributed to its large cultural and population diversity and a distinctive admixture […]

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Manual of Hospital Planning and Designing

Manual of Hospital Planning and Designing 1st Edition-1

Ajay Garg • Anil Dewan 2022 For Medical Administrators, Architects and Planners As compared to any other commercial buildings, the hospital buildings are one of the most complex buildings/projects to plan, design, build, and operate. There is a direct relation between the design of hospitals and satisfaction experienced by patients, staff, and family members of […]

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Здравоохранение России. Что надо делать. Состояние и предложения: 2019–2024 гг.


Улумбекова, Г. Э. 2019 Уважаемые коллеги! Перед вами третье издание монографии «Здравоохранение России. Что надо делать». Первое издание вышло в 2010 г., второе — в 2015 г. Настоящее издание подготовлено, чтобы обосновать, что надо делать в здравоохранении РФ на федеральном и региональном уровнях для достижения общенацио- нальной цели, поставленной в Указе Президента РФ от 07.05.2018 […]

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Parasites, Pussycats and Psychosis

Parasites, Pussycats and Psychosis-1

E. Fuller Torrey 2022 The Unknown Dangers of Human Toxoplasmosis I like cats. They make nice companions, especially for people living alone. I won’t say I like them better than dogs because that would seem disrespectful to the cocker spaniel of my childhood, very loving though not very bright. I became especially fond of Meowser, […]

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Krankenhaus-Report 2021

Krankenhaus-Report 2021-1

Jürgen Klauber, JürgenWasem, Andreas Beivers, Carina Mostert Hrsg. 2021 Versorgungsketten – Der Patient im Mittelpunkt Das Gesundheitswesen ist kein Selbstzweck. Vielmehr steht der Patient im Mittelpunkt aller Bemühungen. Betrachtet man jedoch die heutigen Versorgungsketten des deutschen Gesundheits- und Krankenhausmarktes, kommen Zweifel an diesem hehren Anspruch auf. So trägt u. a. die sektorale Trennung des deutschen […]

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