The Handbook of Salutogenesis

The Handbook of Salutogenesis-1

Maurice B. Mittelmark
Georg F. Bauer • Lenneke Vaandrager
Jürgen M. Pelikan • Shifra Sagy
Monica Eriksson • Bengt Lindström
Claudia Meier Magistretti


On behalf of the editor team, greetings! We are salutogenesis friends working in health promotion, who banded together to accomplish what none of us alone could manage. Writing this handbook has brought the editors and the chapter authors closer together, discussing and debating every detail related to this complex project, with its 57 chapters and 88 authors. Together, we have mustered the resources to manage the task. We have helped one another to understand salutogenesis better, and the work has been personally, socially, and professionally meaningful. 

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