Concepts for Nursing Practice

Concepts for Nursing Practice E-Book

Jean Foret Giddens 2021 Wisdom means keeping a sense of the fallibility of our views and opinions, and of the uncertainty and instability of the things we most count on. Gerard Brown. Conceptual learning is increasingly viewed as a major trend for the future of education—not in nursing alone, but across numerous disciplines. This belief is based on […]

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Anatomy Trains

Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual Therapists and M

Thomas W. Myers 2021 Since initial publication in 2001, the reach and application of the ideas in this book have far outstripped this author’s expectations. We and our faculty have been invited to present these ideas and their application on every continent save Antarctica to a wide variety of professionals, including orthopedists, physiatrists, orofacial surgeons, […]

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Robbins Essential Pathology

Robbins Essential Pathology 1st Edition 2020-1

Vinay Kumar Abul K. Abbas Jon C. Aster Andrea T. Deyrup 2021 We are pleased to present a new member on the  Robbins  family connected to the roots. In the preface of the first edition of Textbook of Pathology-With Clinical Applications (published in  1957), Stanley Robbins laid down the guiding principles of his new book: “the subject matter […]

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Water-filtered Infrared A (wIRA) Irradiation

Water-filtered Infrared A-1

Peter Vaupel Editor 2022 From Research to Clinical Settings Water-filtered infrared A irradiation (wIRA) is a special application of infrared A irradiation. Its preferential induction of thermal, but also nonthermal, effects which have a high tissue penetration and low heat load to the skin surface makes wIRA a promising therapeutic method. Since its introduction in […]

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Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in Children and Adolescents

Female Genital Mutilation-1

Jasmine Abdulcadir Noémie Sachs Guedj • Michal Yaron Editors 2022 Illustrated Guide to Diagnose, Assess, Inform and Report Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) remains a major public health issue ten years after the United Nation General Assembly adopted a resolution on its elimination. It also remains a neglected topic in pre- and post-grade curricula of health […]

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IAEA Atlas of Cardiac PET/CT

IAEA Atlas Of Cardiac PET CT-1

Marcelo F. Di Carli • Maurizio Dondi Raffaele Giubbini • Diana Paez Editors 2022 Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are responsible for 71% of deaths globally and, among them, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death, accounting for almost 44%, followed by cancer with 22%, respiratory diseases with 9%, and diabetes with 4% (World Health […]

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