Craig’s Restorative Dental Materials

Craig's Restorative Dental Materials, Thirteenth Edition

Ronald L. Sakaguchi John M. Powers 2012 The thirteenth edition of this classic textbook has been extensively rewritten to include the many recent developments in dental biomaterials science and new materials for clinical use. One of our goals for this edition is to include more clinical applications and examples, with the hope that the book […]

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Bone Morrow Pathology


BARBARA J. BAIN DAVID M. CLARK BRIDGET S. WILKINS 2019 In this book we have set out to provide a practical guide to bone marrow diagnosis, based on an integrated assessment of peripheral blood and bone marrow aspirate films, trephine biopsy sections and supplementary investigations. We believe that a trephine biopsy specimen should not be […]

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Blaustein’s Pathology of the Female Genital Tract

Blaustein s Pathology of the Female 2019-1

Robert J. Kurman • Lora Hedrick Ellenson Brigitte M. Ronnett Editors 2019 In science, technological innovation leads to progress. The application of the microscope, most notably the contributions of Virchow, introduced the theory of cellular pathology which led him to propose that cancer developed from otherwise normal cells. Similarly, the application of microscopic analysis to […]

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Atlas of Differential Diagnosis in Breast Pathology

Atlas of Differential Diagnosis in Breast Pathology-1

Puay Hoon Tan • Aysegul A. Sahin 2017 Breast pathology is key to the diagnosis and management of breast diseases. Interpretation of breast histologic findings constitutes a significant proportion of the daily workload of the surgical pathologist. This task can be challenging and demanding because diagnostic categorization is used to select treatment from a potentially […]

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Freiheitseinschränkende Maßnahmen bei Menschen mit Demenz in professionellen Sorgebeziehungen

FM bei Menschen mit Demenz in professionellen Sorgebeziehungen-1

Sebastian Ritzi 2023 Kritische Darstellung und ethisch-fachliche Reflexion Die vorliegende Schrift lässt sich von einer fachlich, ethisch und gesellschaftlich höchst bedeutsamen Fragestellung leiten: Wie sind freiheitseinschränkende Maßnahmen in der pflegerischen Versorgung demenzkranker Menschen aus fachlicher und ethischer Hinsicht zu bewerten? Sind derartige Maßnahmen überhaupt zu rechtfertigen? Oder drücken sich in ihnen nicht vielfach institutionelle Rahmenbedingungen […]

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Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos

Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos-1

Amelie G. Ramirez • Edward J. Trapido Editors 2023 Building Collaboration for Action The Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos national conference was a call to action for addressing cancer health disparities in Hispanic/Latino communities. It emerged from the need for Latino disparities researchers to seek solutions through multidisciplinary collaborations and to keep pace […]

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