Models of Psychopathology

Models of Psychopathology-1

Lisa M. Hooper • Luciano L’Abate
Laura G. Sweeney • Giovanna Gianesini
Peter J. Jankowski


Generational Processes and Relational Roles

Generational Processes and Relational Roles , comprises eight chapters, four of which focus on commonly discussed or clinically evidenced twenty-first-century phenomena that may be related to psychopathology: (a) parentification, (b) parental alienating behavior, (c) bullying, and (d) Stockholm syndrome. More specifically, as illustrated in these four models (see Chaps. 3 – 6 ), this book focuses on the impact of roles and relational processes that may engender pathology or problematic ways of functioning both intrapersonally and interpersonally.

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