Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation-1

C. Gobelet, F. Franchignoni 2006 It gives us great pleasure to write the preface to this book, the second in the series of monographs produced by the European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine. No part of medicine, no clinical intervention, is complete without thinking about its effect on the person’s life and the quality thereof.

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Neurorehabilitation Technology

Neurorehabilitation Technology-1

Volker Dietz • Tobias Nef William Zev Rymer Editors 2012 The aim of this book is to provide a current overview of rehabilitation technology with a strong emphasis on current and future clinical applications. Rehabilitation technology is a rapidly developing and expanding field, which involves a broad range of therapeutic robotics, assistive devices, and related supporting technologies such as […]

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Innovations in Rehabilitation Sciences Education: Preparing Leaders for the Future

Innovations in Rehabilitation Sciences Education. Preparing Leaders for the Future-1

Patricia Solomon Sue Baptiste Editors 2005 The genesis of this book arose from our educational consultations with many physiotherapy and occupational therapy colleagues around the world. In the course of presenting workshops that were primarily focused on problem-based learning (PBL), it became very clear to us that educators in the rehabilitation sciences were very interested in other aspects of […]

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