Face to Face with Emotions in Health and Social Care

Face to Face with Emotions in Health and Social Care-1

Benjamin Gray 2012 This book, as the title suggests, draws from the everyday experiences as well as the harsh realities facing people on the frontline. The book recounts the stories and sometimes disturbing emotions of people whose lives have undergone sudden change or even drastic trauma and people whose feelings of comfort and safety have been shattered by exposure […]

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Exposure Therapy

Exposure Therapy-1

Peter Neudeck ● Hans-Ulrich Wittchen Editors 2012 Rethinking the Model – Refining the Method Exposure therapy is well regarded as a powerful therapeutic agent in the treatment of phobias and anxiety disorders. It is also one of the most empirically supported treatments for anxiety disorders. Over the years, exposure therapy has undergone a number of transformations, from its early […]

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Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adolescents

Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adolescents-1

Thomas J. Huberty 2012 Assessment, Intervention, and Prevention Anxiety and depression are two of the most prevalent mental health problems of childhood and adolescence, affecting up to as many as one-third of children and youth over their lifetimes, but also are among the most under-identified or misdiagnosed syndromes and disorders. They are also highly comorbid with each other and […]

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Families with Adolescents

Families with Adolescents-1

Stephen M. Gavazzi 2011 Bridging the Gaps between Theory, Research, and Practice All books, like everything else in life, have a beginning and an end, reflecting a storyline that the author has chosen to follow. Selecting an end for the present book– in this case, a review of the most recent literature pertaining to families with adolescents that would […]

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Clinical Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality and Behavior

Clinical Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality and Behavior-1

Paul J. Frick Christopher T. Barry Randy W. Kamphaus 2010 Psychologists offer an increasing variety of services to the public. Among these services, psychological assessment of personality and behavior continues to be a central activity. One main reason is that other mental health professionals often do not possess a high level of competence in this area.

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Adolescent Substance Abuse

Adolescent Substance Abuse-1

Carl G. Leukefeld • Thomas P. Gullotta Michele Staton-Tindall Editors 2009 Evidence-Based Approaches to Prevention and Treatment This is a book about how some young people use substances to intensify or alter perceptions, feelings, and understandings. On one level, the purpose of this volume is straightforward. Identify and share those practices that appear to be most efficacious.

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Anxiety and Substance Use Disorders

Anxiety and Substance Use Disorders-1

Sherry H. Stewart Patricia J. Conrod Editors 2008 The Vicious Cycle of Comorbidity The idea for this book originated with an invitation from Dr. Martin Antony in the fall of 2002 to contribute an authored or edited book on the topic of anxiety disorder co-morbidity with substance use disorder, to his planned series of books on anxiety disorders. […]

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